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YEAR 6 CLASS OF 2015/2016

Posted by burghy6 on July 21, 2016

New (working as of 5th August) links to downloads:

eJay mp3 mixdowns

PGL 2016 photos

PGL 2016 video

Superstan 2016 video

Bonus content 1

Bonus content 2

Sorry – when I returned to the classroom after the farewells, I realised the pile of thank you notes was still on my desk! Thank you once again for all the kind (and unnecessary) cards and gifts: edible, drinkable and drinkable in (loving the Star Labs mug Josh), wearable (the guess the no. of ties game will have a different answer next time), sprayable (do I smell!?) drivable (still overwhelmed by that one), writable (with and in), Pompey-themed (thanks for the message in the card Alfie along with the sweets for the kids) and so on. THANK YOU! Please pass on my thanks to everyone in the class (children and adults) in case not everyone received the text thank you or reads this.

Thank you for your part in making this year so memorable!

Hopefully it’s rounded off a wonderful journey through Primary school.

Good luck as you move on, but don’t forget us and do keep in touch!

And remember…

…Play up Pompey!

If you can’t (or won’t) remember that saying, try this one:

Perfection is not attainable, but if you aim for perfection you can achieve excellence!

I think that you should be able to download all our PGL videos, PGL photos and Superstan video files from the links above. The downloads did stop working for a while and if they stop again I’ll have another look – keep checking to see if they are working or leave a comment to let me know either way. The files are the same as the content of the CDs and DVDs. Many files are quite large, so unless you have a very, very large data allowance on mobile devices, downloading via wifi/a broadband network is the advisable option. Also, they may not download ever so quickly from the current storage location so please bear that in mind. 31 (TF has 2?) eJay mixes are also there now. Assuming this system works, I’ll leave all the files there until this time next year. I have also now seen footage of my first foray into the world of Karaoke from Prom night. It is actually bearable isn’t it! It’s a good job I didn’t try these moves (http://quietube7.com/v.php/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgbZ1uiwKKU)! Comments are open on this post so feel free to use it to keep in touch.

Mr. Hurdman

Oh, please can someone let Niall know he left one trainer and a shopping trolley/bag at school. If he doesn’t claim it over the summer I’ll give it to his sister in September.


Year 6—2015/2016

Leading many Church services throughout the school year
The Cooking Bus
F1 Maths in Motion—5th IN THE WORLD!
1st in the Christmas Fun Race 2nd in the Summer ‘Fun’ Race
Christmas Fair stall holders
Just Dance – Charlotte D. is the new champion!
Fire Safety
Sportshall Athletics
Y6 Hockey League
Max Respect
“Growing Up”
Work with PCSO Jayne
East Kirkby Arts Workshop
PGL Residential
Sport Relief
Church Schools Festival
Mr. Hurdman’s wigs
The Queen’s 90th Birthday
Y6 Prom

Then there’s all the fantastic educational stuff we’ve done in class, not to mention whole school events such as Sports Day, Christmas Arts and so on…

Keep in touch with us at: burghy6.primaryblogger.co.uk

There now follows a shameless plug: Bored in the holiday? Why not come along to Embassy Theatre on a Thursday evening to see this show? Don’t be put off by the poster – there really is something for everyone in it (the ‘High School Musical’ segment alone is worth seeing, as is the ‘Defying Gravity’ routine.). Moreover, the spotlighting by yours truly and his mate is excellent! Well to be honest, after the first show I gave myself a 6/10…not bad with no rehearsal beforehand. After three shows it’s risen to an 8/10. I haven’t been told off too many times! If you’re there one Thursday, pop up to the back in the interval and say hello! Interestingly, the choreographer/producer of the show, Andrew Davison, told me a similar (more theatrical version) message to the one underlined above: “If you aim for the stars you might reach the moon.” So far I think I’ve made it 10m off the ground! Hopefully by the end of the Summer season it’ll be a 10/10 performance on the spotlights, just as it already is on the stage!

Mr. Hurdman


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F1 Maths in Motion Summer Madness Race Result

Posted by burghy6 on July 8, 2016

How close?!

0.71 seconds away from the top step of the podium! Well done to Leigh (fastest basic car), Alfie (fastest race car), Charlotte C. (best of the rest), Isaac (next best of the rest). What a great way to round off the Worldwide competitions this year. There’s one (or maybe two) race to take place in class before the end of the year. Can anyone stop Mr. Hurdman from regaining his class championship? Where’s the Stig when you need it?!

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F1 Maths – Summer Fun Race

Posted by burghy6 on July 1, 2016

Something to focus on during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week (assuming you’re in school for some/all of these days).

Everyone has already attempted to set up a car to come up with the fastest basic settings. More work will follow next week. I wonder if we can locate the missing Stig to give us something to compare our entry against?

Mr. Hurdman

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F1 Maths – Summer Madness Fun Race

Posted by burghy6 on June 28, 2016

Track: Istanbul Park

Just for Josh!

Feature No

Feature Type


Long straight


Tight bend


Medium bend


Long bend


Tight bend


Tight bend


Tight bend


Long bend


Long bend


Tight bend


Medium straight


Tight bend


Short straight


Medium bend


Long straight


Special feature


Medium straight


Long bend


Long straight


Special feature


Medium bend

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The Amazing Adventures of Superstan

Posted by burghy6 on June 19, 2016

Well, we have 3 minutes of dance routines sorted! Just the other 87 minutes to go now…

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F1 Maths in Motion

Posted by burghy6 on June 19, 2016

Busy times!

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F1 Maths World Final Update – Teacher Race

Posted by burghy6 on June 14, 2016

Oh dear!

Despite Mr. Hurdman’s best efforts, things aren’t looking very promising for the Teachers’ Race at the Maths in Motion World Final next week. It’s a good job Harvey and Toby were advising or things would have been even worse! 32 different car set-ups were tried, but the fastest set-up proved to be elusive. Harvey and Toby were given authentic Jaguar lanyards for their help. There is one crumb of comfort though…Mr. Hurdman won’t be boasting about how amazing he is for 12 months!

It’s a 31-car field for the Teachers’ World Final race. With a heavy helping of good fortune a top 10 might be possible, although given the set-up the car is running so is a non-finish.

Definitely more Manor F1 than Mercedes this year! Where is the Stig when you need it? Mr. Hurdman will be having words with it if he catches up with it.


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Backing music complete!

Posted by burghy6 on June 8, 2016

Well we’ve finally managed to decide upon a pitch for our abridged ‘Kings and Queens’ song for Friday.

However, the most significant development today is the enhanced backing track for our Charles II song!


Original backing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-gUq-TSwoK2dzBJUE1GSFlJdkE/view?usp=sharing

New backing improved by Mr. Hurdman: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-gUq-TSwoK2UFNNTENHWk1TRGM/view?usp=sharing


Can you spot all the differences (improvements)?


Mr. Hurdman

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Lego Portraits

Posted by burghy6 on June 7, 2016

See how our template for the pixelated Queen portrait was generated at


You can use the photobrix.com site to generate your own block images. As always, use websites carefully, stopping to think before each click. On this site images may be stored I believe so be careful what you upload.

Mr. Hurdman

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Max Respect!

Posted by burghy6 on June 7, 2016

This morning Y6 took part in Lincolnshire County Council’s ‘Max Respect’ programme.

The Max Respect initiative was introduced in 2002 to promote, encourage and reward safe travel on home to school transport and to proactively address reported incidents of poor behaviour. The programme aims to address the potential problem of poor behaviour and safety on the journey to school in a way that is engaging for children of all ages.

All the children took home information from the session. Find out more at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/maxrespect

Mr. Hurdman

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